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Case Study
SupplaServe Corp.  www.SuppShot.com | SLA Case Study
Industry: Design
The SuppShot SuppShot - SLA Case Study  
Overview: SuppServe is a boutique package design firm located in northern California that specializes in single-serve dispensing solutions.  “Inventors, innovators, marketers and sellers of all things single-serve”, SuppServe is dedicated to simplifying the delivery methods of a variety of common products that are sold in bulk and require single-serve dosing by the customer.
  The SuppShot™ (www.suppshot.com) is a first-of-its-kind rigid single serve dispensing device for large volumes of powders and liquids capable of adapting to virtually any bottle/drinking device on the market.  Designed to provide a unique, convenient, and clean product experience, the SuppShot™ features a spill free design, is price competitive with basic pouches and pillow-packs, and is 100% recyclable unlike the alternatives.
Challenge: The design for the SuppShot device was quite specialized and included thin sections of plastic.  While standard SLA prototypescould provide a good amount of feedback regarding the design, SuppServe would eventually require actual injection molded partsin order to test and approve a design that could be mass manufactured.  “The nature of our part design required injection molded parts to test and confirm function,” said Chris Straface, Founder and CEO of SuppServe.  “We were attracted to Quickparts’ ability to provide us with both SLA rapid prototypes for basic testing, as well as the quick-turn injection molded parts that we needed.”
Solution: SuppServe ordered quick-turn aluminum injection mold toolingfrom Quickparts, along with an initial run of SLA prototypes of the design.  The molded samples off of the tooling sparked a series of separate design revisions, each improving upon the last.  The flexible tooling options at Quickparts allowed for several revisions to the existing injection mold tooling, each supported by additional runs of SLA prototypes.  “We went through numerous iterations of tooling that provided invaluable insight into our part design,“ said Straface.  “The initial concept kept evolving, and we were able to make a number of changes to the tooling in order to make it work exactly like we wanted it to.”  The design of the SuppShot is now confirmed and will be  available in production quantities beginning January of 2012 through select retailers.      
Benefits: SuppServe was ultimately able to utilize both the rapid prototyping and injection molding capabilities offered at Quickparts in tandem to ensure success.  “Quickparts’ rapid prototyping and tooling services helped save us thousands during our lengthy prototyping stage,” said Straface.  “Without Quickparts, our part design wouldn’t be as strong as it is today.”

More information is available at www.suppshot.com.


Redfish Instruments, Inc. Redfish Instruments, Inc. Logo
Industry: Electronics
iDVM Digital Multimeter iDVM Digital Multimeter and iPhone 4  
Overview: Redfish Instruments (www.redfishinstruments.com) develops electronic devices that function in tandem with the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod-touch. Redfish Instruments’ iDVM device is the world’s first iPhone, iPad, and iPod-touch enabled digital multimeter that wirelessly transmits voltage, current, and resistance measurements for enhanced visualization, data sharing, and data logging. Control of the iDVM is handled entirely from within a free, downloadable application that resides on the mobile device.
  The iDVM digital multimeter from Redfish makes measuring and data logging resistance, voltage, and/or current easy, allowing the user to capture, store, and share data wirelessly. Redfish Instruments is the only company offering a multimeter iPhone application, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.
Challenge: Redfish had created an initial design for the iDVM device, but needed to find a vendor who could provide them with functional prototypes for review and testing. “We needed to begin with some prototype versions to help us confirm the design, before ultimately moving on to sourcing the production parts,” said Patrick O’Hara with Redfish.
Solution: O’Hara began by using the Quickpartsonline instant quoting engine, QuickQuote®, to quote and buy the order for the initial ABS-like, black SLAprototypes for the top and bottom of the design case. After performing fit and form testing, Redfish, along with help from Quickparts engineers, implemented design revisions and moved on to a second order of pre-production Cast Urethane parts that allowed them to further test design, color, functionality, and finish texture.      
When the time came to produce the final production parts for the case, Redfish again turned to Quickparts for the Low Volume Injection Molded parts they needed. Today, production quantity components for the iDVM are molded out of UL94V0 black ABS off of aluminum injection molds with Quickparts. “From the personal follow up on our prototype projects, all the way to the Design for Manufacturability analysis we received with our molded parts, Quickparts continued to be the easy and logical choice to handle each phase of our production,” said O’Hara.          
Benefits: Redfish was able to directly benefit from the full “Prototype to Production” capabilities at Quickparts. Utilizing a single vendor, Redfish was able to move the iDVM device all of the way from concept through to production.  “The fantastic speed and service we received allowed us to easily navigate through the entire developmental process of the plastic components,” said O’Hara. “We couldn't have done it without the great teamwork we experienced with Quickparts.”

More information is available at www.redfishinstruments.com.



Summit Safety Incorporated AliMed
Industry: Emergency Services
Firefighter Locator System RIT TRacker
Overview: Summit Safety provides the Pathfinder™ Systems using the PULSE™ (Personnel Ultrasonic Locating Safety Equipment). The system is the world's first and most revolutionary Firefighter tracking and locator system. Summit Safety was in the process of releasing RIT Tracker™.  Its simple and intuitive interface allows the firefighter to focus on navigating to the victim while simultaneously being aware of the surrounding conditions.

Summit Safety was pushing their timelines because they built in several improvements into the new Tracker from previous versions. They integrated new front-end electronics to improve signal input while simultaneously rejecting noise and increasing the system operating range. The new design also incorporates a doppler rejection technique that allows the firefighter to walk or crawl while scanning. An integrated long-wavelength, smoke-penetrating, red flashlight is included to help firefighters spot one another in dense smoke. Additionally, the RIT Tracker is significantly smaller in size and incorporates an internal Gear Keeper retractor.
  The new system was a great enhancement for the firefighters using the product.  In training sessions, many firefighters have felt confident enough to use the RIT Tracker with as little as one minute of instruction. In fact, all you have to do is scan a 360° circle and go in the direction which gives you the strongest signal. The RIT Tracker will always tell you the direction of the shortest PATH to the firefighter, whether it is down a hallway, around a corner, or up the stairs. The RIT Tracker will NEVER tell you to go through a wall.

Product development cycles are shrinking everyday. Summit Safety had a great new enhancement to their lifesaving device.  Everyday firefighter put themselves in harms way to help others.  The new Tracker helps ensure firefighters avoid unneeded dangers and helps bring them home every day. 

Summit Safety needed parts that would help complete the Tracker project and they did not have the luxury of time. Even though time was not on their side, Summit Safety did not want to pay a premium for the molds and they certainly did not want to sacrifice quality.  

“We had the designed the parts ready, but needed them in hand fast. We needed something to happen in a short time and in a large quantity,” said Zach Haase. “We also needed the tools built so we can then transfer them in-house after the first initial run.”

Solution: After searching the internet and remembering Quickparts from past tradeshows and trade publications, Summit Safety reached out to Quickparts for help. Submitting his files online was easy and within minutes Summit Safety was engaged by a Quickparts sales manager to discuss the specific requirements of the project.
  “As soon as I quoted I was contacted by a Quickparts Sales Manager,” said Zach. “We worked together to ensure that the designs would produce successful parts. They provided very insightful Design for Manufacturing Analysis which helped me identify potential design flaws.”
  Faced with an aggressive schedule to have product to market, dedicated Quickparts team members worked to help Summit Safety create the best design for what they needed. The Quickparts engineers helped Summit Safety understand certain design limitations and work through changes together. At that point Summit Safety released the program to Quickparts to begin the tool build process. One side note that the Quickparts team needed to work with was that Summit Safety planned to bring the tools in house after they received the initial run of parts.
Benefit: By working with Quickparts, Summit Safety received parts in hand within the tight schedule they had on the project.  They received invaluable design for manufacturing help and the project came together as a complete success.

 “Overall, we are very satisfied with the process. We are very confident that we will choose Quickparts for our future molding needs,” said Zach Haase.

Gyrus AMCI AliMed
Industry: Medical
PlasmaKnife PlasmaKnife
Overview: Gyrus ACMI leads the world in developing ‘See’ and ‘Treat’ procedure solutions for less invasive surgeries. Gyrus ACMI provides physicians with the power to treat with PK Technology, the most powerful, precise and versatile tissue management system available. PK Technology allows surgeons the power to seal, cut, transect, and coagulate from a single workstation.
  The benefits of using Gyrus ACMI surgical tools include less blood loss, reduced scarring, reduced hospital stay, less post-operative pain, and a faster return to normal activities.
Challenge: Most recently, Gyrus ACMI turned to Quickparts to help get the PlasmaKnife, a surgical tool used for tonsillectomy, to market faster. When Gyrus ACMI needed to reduce lead time from eight to three weeks for the production of the PlasmaKnife, they turned to Quickparts for help.
Solution: Quickparts helped reduce the time to market by being the single source solution for several manufacturing needs. Through Quickparts’ QuickQuote system, Gyrus ACMI was able to receive instant online quotes for multiple processes including Stereolithography (SLA), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Parts (CNC), and Rapid Injection Mold Process.
  Quickparts engineers also provided actual ‘design-for-manufacturability’ information during the quoting phase. This feedback resulted in design changes that ensured the PlasmaKnife parts were right the first time.
  After the PlasmaKnife tool was ordered, several dedicated Quickparts project managers worked directly with Gyrus ACMI to ensure a quick and easy delivery of the initial parts.
Benefit: “Having used Quickparts numerous times in the past and never having a problem, turning to them for help on this project only seemed natural,” said Paul Yarbrough. “They virtually cut our deadline in half! This is one reason we find ourselves returning to Quickparts, it’s quick and easy to receive not only quotes but also the actual production parts.”
MU Net, Inc. (“muNet®”) MU Net, Inc. (“muNet®”)
Industry: IT/Electrical
WebGate® IP Interface WebGate® IP Interface
Problem: When muNet needed 1,000 pieces of its housing for the COAX connection to its Internet Based Electric Utility System in short order, they turned to Quickparts for our QuickTurn Injection Molding.
  muNet’s products are designed to enable utilities to leverage existing broadband communication infrastructure to enhance operational efficiencies, such as automated retrieval of billing and time stamped interval data, and deliver new services.
  In the particular project at hand, the system uses a Cable Modem to connect to the CATV system that is owned and operated by the electric utility itself. The WebGate unit improves the operating performance by controlling the services to the premises remotely without expensive truck rolls.
Process: As part of Quickparts’ Live Engineering Review Board process, Quickparts engineers reviewed the part design directly with muNet and provided muNet’s engineers with design recommendations to make the molding process run smoother.
  Once the final redesigned files were received, a Quickparts Project Manager worked with muNet to ensure Quickparts met the expected ship date for sample parts and the tight final delivery schedule for the 1,000 pieces.
Accomplishment: Using Quickparts’ QuickTurn Injection Molding process, Quickparts shipped sample parts off muNet’s Aluminum QC7 tool in 6 days. Once the tool was approved, muNet received 1,000 parts in 4 days. The parts were quickly used to produce the cable exit assembly shown.
  “Quickparts provided exactly the full service help we needed to get an effective finished part, even though we did not have injection molding experience in house. Quickparts’ engineers spent the time and effort to explain why certain changes were important and backed up their comments by sharing the results from mold analysis tools that we would not have been able to obtain on our own. In addition, for our expected part runs, the overall cost of parts, including the mold cost, beat their competition,” said Dr. William Unkel, Co-CEO, MU Net, Inc.
Energy Innovations
Industry: Solar Power
The Sunflower
Overview: Energy Innovations has a clear mission to deliver cost effective, grid-competitive solar electric power. Their immediate goal is to reduce the payback time for a solar system so that it becomes a sensible and logical investment to electricity users around the world, whether they are grid-connected or not. Energy Innovations strategy is to exceed the cost-effectiveness of existing photovoltaic-based systems through innovation in both the collection of solar energy and the generation of electric power from it.

To execute their strategy, Energy Innovations has developed a compact tracking system to concentrate solar energy and a customized photovoltaic cell designed to work efficiently under concentrated sunlight. They have created their first product, the Sunflower, in the lab and will be performing extensive beta testing to ensure long life, reliability and ease of installation.

The Sunflower is the first high concentrated PV system designed for commercial rooftop and adjacent ground-mounted application. By combining the world’s most efficient solar cells with proprietary lenses, self-powered tracking, and a unique two-axis tracking carousel, the Sunflower delivers more energy at less cost than traditional PV systems.


The Sunflower has many key features that help it stand apart. It possesses 12 solar engines, altitude tracking, azimuth tracking, self powered capabilities, closed-loop tracking, and integrated mounting system.

Energy Innovations needed parts that would help complete the Sunflower project by having the system always pointed at the sun. That meant that sensors had to have movement and also the ability to be placed anywhere and have it work. The original sensor housing design for the Sunflower worked, but it was just too difficult to assemble.

“We redesigned the parts, but needed them in hand fast. We needed something to happen in a short time and in a large quantity,” said Jeremy Pitts.


After searching the internet, Jeremy found Quickparts. Submitting his files online was easy and within minutes an instant price competitive quote was created.

“As soon as I quoted I was contacted by a Quickparts Sales Manager,” said Jeremy. “We worked together to ensure that the designs would produce successful parts.”

  Faced with an aggressive schedule to have product to market, dedicated Quickparts team members worked to help Energy Innovations create the best design for what they needed. Presented to the Quickparts Engineering Review Board, Quickparts engineers helped Energy Innovations understand certain design limitations and work through changes together.
Benefits: By working with Quickparts, Energy Innovations received parts in hand regardless of the numerous design iterations and short schedule.
  “We received phenomenal parts in such a short time! They were here when I needed them and I knew they would be thanks to my Quickparts team,” said Jeremy. “The customer service is undeniably dependable; even with my West coast hours there was always someone there to answer my questions.”

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