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QuickMold™ Tooling
QuickMold Tooling specializes in straight-pull, no-action injection molded parts made from common thermoplastic materials including ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon, and more. Using your native 3D CAD data, Quickparts automates the programming of high-speed CNC equipment for cutting aluminum tools and inserts.
With press sizes ranging from 20 tons to 1,000+ tons, Quickparts can meet your injection molding part needs from 25 parts to high-volume production runs.
QuickMold Tooling Highlights
Ideal for production runs of straight-pull, no side-action part designs
Maximum part sizes for quotes: 20”x20”x3”
Standard tolerances are +/- 0.005".
High-speed CNC machining for Aluminum tooling materials
Over 30 in-stock material options: ABS, Acetal, Nylon, PC, PP, PE, TPE, etc., and options available.
Color options: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Ultra Blue, Brown, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Black, and White.
Finish options: Non-cosmetic, Standard, Smooth, Mirror, Light Texture, and Medium Texture




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