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Nobis Technologies Nobis Technologies
Industry: Consumer Products
eToll Clip™ eToll Clip™
Assignment: Annoyed by the inconvenience of the standard adhesive/Velcro-based method of attachment for his Florida E-Pass, Brian Gulliver decided to do something about it by designing an alternative himself.
  A recent graduate of the Masters program for Mechanical Engineering at the University of Central Florida, Brian approached Quickparts with the design concept for the eToll Clip™, a durable plastic holder for toll transponders that utilizes three large suction cups on the back allowing users to mount the unit on their windshield. Nobis Technologies, Inc. was soon formed with his brother Christopher Gulliver, and a friend Brett Dean.
  Quickparts engineers worked directly with Nobis Technologies to ensure the eToll Clip could be manufactured cost effectively in mass quantities.
Process: Utilizing the latest materials and technologies from the SLA and PJP prototyping processes, Quickparts provided Nobis Technologies with multiple ABS prototypes of the eToll Clip for initial fit and function testing.
  Once the design was finalized, Quickparts moved directly into providing QuickTurn Injection Mold Tooling and ABS parts of the eToll Clip in three colors (white, sky blue, and black).
  After the Engineering Review Board and PEG analysis (parting line, ejector pins, gate location), a dedicated Quickparts Project Manager worked directly with Nobis Technologies to ensure Quickparts met the delivery schedule for the initial samples and the first shipment of 2,500 pieces.
  “When I found Quickparts, I was searching through Google for a company that could help us get an ABS prototype quickly. I chose Quickparts because of their ability to provide multiple manufacturing solutions. Their team was able to take me from an ABS prototype all the way through to our final injection molded parts.” said Brian Gulliver of Nobis Technologies. “They were extremely helpful through every step of the process and provided design expertise that saved me weeks of development time.”
Accomplishment: Quickparts has helped make Brian’s vision a reality. Since starting Nobis Technologies in June 2004, Brian recently launched an e-commerce website (www.eTollClip.com) to sell the eToll Clip online. The clip starts at $5.99 and is currently compatible with the Florida Sunpass and E-Pass, the Georgia Cruise Card, the Oklahoma Pikepass and the Kansas K-Tag. New versions will be available soon.
For more information about the eToll Clip™, please visit www.eTollClip.com.
AliMed AliMed
Industry: Medical Device
MultiBoot™ X-Cel™ MultiBoot™ X-Cel™
Assignment: As a leading manufacturer of medical and ergonomic products, AliMed is THE source healthcare professionals turn to for medical product solutions.
  While the company offers a ”one-stop shopping” source providing over 20,000 products from more than 100 different manufacturers, AliMed also develops its own line of ergonomic and medical products.
  Most recently, AliMed turned to Quickparts to develop components of the company’s MultiBoot™ X-Cel™, a new ankle support device.
Process: Given the diverse functional and aesthetic requirements of the MultiBoot™ X-Cel™, AliMed looked to Quickparts for the single source capabilities for rapid prototyping to quickturn injection molding.
  With Quickparts’ QuickQuote software, AliMed was able to get instant online quotes for multiple processes including Stereolithography (SLA), Plastic Jet Printing (PJP) and Quickparts’ new QuickMold Tooling process, QuickTool Express process (QTX).
  In determining the right material and process for the MultiBoot X-Cel, Quickparts provided AliMed with multiple prototypes for initial fit and function testing. Once a final design was confirmed, AliMed proceeded with Quickparts’ QuickTool Express (QTX) for quick injection molded parts.
  Working through Quickparts’ Engineering Review Board (ERB) process, AliMed engineers worked directly with Quickparts engineers to get injection molded parts that met their needs.
Accomplishment: AliMed chose Quickparts to help bring the MultiBoot concept to life. Since the product was introduced in July, the MultiBoot X-Cel has been a best seller for AliMed, providing needed relief to nursing homes, hospitals, and consumers over the counter. Quickparts is proud to be a product development partner of AliMed.
  “We at AliMed, especially, can appreciate having a single source for products.” said Peter MacDougall, R&D Director at AliMed. “From the beginning, Quickparts’ service has been fantastic. My Quickparts team members were responsive and ensured that the issues we had were resolved in an expeditous manner.”

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