Digital Light Processing

Digital Light Processing

Fast, efficient, and smooth-finished parts ideal for many applications


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Digital Light Processing

Digital Light Processing unlocks the possibility of ultra-fast print speeds.

To get the most out of your project, however, you need expert operators, attentive project managers, and logistics that put the customer first.

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Quickparts has all those factors and more. Our team of experienced engineers coupled with our well-equipped facilities stationed around the world allows us to support your Digital Light Processing projects wherever you are based. 

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Quickly Producing Durable Products
Digital Light Processing is capable of quickly producing durable parts, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. 
Excellent Surface Quality, Accuracy, and Repeatability
Their excellent surface quality, accuracy, and repeatability make Figure 4 parts an effective choice for rapid prototyping.
Digital Light Processed parts are available in a variety of materials, making them highly customizable and ideal for a wide range of applications.

How it Works

During Digital Light Processing, a vat of liquid polymer is exposed to light from a DLP projector under safelight conditions. An image of the 3D model is projected onto the liquid polymer, and the exposed polymer hardens. 


This process continues layer by layer until the 3D model is complete.

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About Quickparts

Quickparts is a pioneer in the 3D printing world.

We are the originator of a full digital manufacturing platform that delivers on-demand additive and traditional manufacturing services. From rapid prototyping to appearance models and volume production, Quickparts operates the most advanced technology and possesses the expertise to handle any additive manufacturing project. 


With facilities stationed around the world, each staffed with experienced engineers laser-focused on meeting your specific requirements as effectively and quickly as possible, you can trust Quickparts with all of your manufacturing needs.

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