Case Study
Lightweight Prototyping When Small Features & Color Matching Are Critical
Quickparts Branding
MAC Equipment
Kansas City, MO
Pneumatic Conveying, Air Filtration
capabilities used
Rapid Prototyping
Cast Urethane
“I was very impressed because you kept me in the loop the whole time. Quickparts gave the attention to detail that made this project a huge success!”

Francis Beiring, Design Engineer, MAC Equipment

MAC is a global manufacturing company focused on improving the efficiency and productivity of the processing industry. Specializing in pneumatic conveying and air filtration systems, MAC has been advancing the state-of-the-art for 40 years and is now the largest North American pneumatic conveying and filtration equipment supplier. 

MAC Equipment provides a material handling valve, the Spheri Valve®, which can cut through static or moving columns of material through the use of its innovative, inflatable-seal mechanism. This seal ensures that a consistent, pressure-tight seal is created when the valve is in the closed position as well as providing unrestricted flow when open. 


MAC was looking for a lightweight model for their Spheri Valve®, a 75-lb., heavy-duty valve that is manufactured from cast iron. 

MAC had some critical small features and post-assembly requirements for their model that made it a challenge to source through their current supply chain and other prototype manufacturers. The Spheri Valves® also needed to be color-matched according to the MAC Equipment branding guidelines. 

“We weren’t sure what process we needed for this project,” said Francis Beiring, Design Engineer. “Quickparts put us on the right course by using their expertise to determine the best solution for our needs when others were unable to help.” 


Quickparts’ extensive product offering and process knowledge helped MAC Equipment determine the solution that best fit their needs. The QuickPlastic™ cast urethane process delivers the ability to meet detailed critical feature requirements, satisfy post processing and assembly needs, and color-match the parts to specific MAC colors. 

“The results are amazing,” said Francis. “We were able to get highly detailed models of the valves at a fraction of the weight. We took a 75-lb. part down to a 9-lb. model, and we didn’t have to sacrifice any of the small features.” 


Unsure of what solution would meet their needs, MAC turned to the experts in rapid prototyping at Quickparts for guidance on the best process to meet its needs. The team’s high attention to detail ensured that the project went smoothly. 

“I was very impressed because you called me constantly and kept me in the loop the whole time,” said Francis. “Quickparts’ engineers’ attention to detail made this project a huge success!” 

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