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Injection Moulding services from prototyping to production

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Our Injection Moulding Solutions

Quickparts’ Injection Moulding services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, catering to diverse project requirements ranging from rapid prototyping for swift design validation, up to volume production runs, accommodating geometrically complex parts.

With 25 years of experience and an in-house network of manufacturing facilities, we specialise in injection moulding—the optimal method for cost-effective mass production of plastic parts. Our process ensures consistent quality across low-to-high-volume manufacturing needs.


Quick Molded Parts



  • Ships within 1 week
  • Tool life: 250 parts
  • Parts in production grade material
  • Design/geometry limitations
  • Max. part size: 80mm x 80mm x 50mm
  • Over 15 materials in stock
  • Ships 2 – 6 weeks after PEG approval
  • Tool life: 2,500 parts
  • Parts in real production grade material
  • No geometry limitations
  • Max. part size: 500mm x 500mm x 100 mm
  • Guaranteed tool accuracy
  • Ships 4 – 8 weeks after PEG approval
  • Custom Quality Inspections and
  • Tool life: 10,000 to millions of parts
  • Parts in production grade materials
  • Materials can be supplied by customer
  • Max. Part size: 1500mm x 1000mm x 350mm
  • Guaranteed part accuracy

As a qualified Injection Moulding supplier, we offer a range of advanced techniques, including:

  • Overmoulding: Enables creation of multi-material components with distinct properties.
  • Stack Moulding: Produces multi-level injection moulded parts through stacked mould faces.
  • Hot Runner Moulds: Optimises cycle times and minimises material waste.
  • Insert Moulding: Integrates metal or other inserts for enhanced strength or functionality.
  • Highly Intricate Tooling: Produces parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances.
  • Multi-Cavitation Tooling: Increases production efficiency by creating multiple parts per cycle.
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The Quickparts Advantage

Efficient Tooling
Our streamlined approach reduces both cost and time. We launch your tooling project instantly after receiving your files. Our experts conduct a design-for-manufacturing review to identify any necessary adjustments prior to production.
Advanced Capabilities
We can meet the most demanding requirements. Our team is well versed in single-cavity, multi-cavity, and family moulds, including insert Moulding and Over Moulding.
In-House Manufacturing
Our fully equipped centres of excellence in the US and Europe enable rapid tooling and efficient part production. Plus, our end-to-end supply chain visibility ensures timely delivery wherever you need it.
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Moulded Parts in as little as 1 week
With Quick Molded Parts, you can have parts on your desk in as little as 1 week.
Unbeatable Precision
Quickparts tooling tolerances: ±0.07 mm, dependent upon mould type and part size. Mould cavity tolerances: ± 0.1 mm for machining. Add ± 0.05 mm when calculating for shrink rate.
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Local Production, Full Visibility
With facilities in the US and Europe, benefit from shorter lead times, and avoid import duties and expensive shipping costs. When you partner with Quickparts, you are assigned a dedicated production team. You’ll be assured of quality and progress every step of the way.
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On-site tooling
Our in-house design and production teams are fully qualified to produce tools from steel (tool steel, carbon steel) and aluminium. Our production grade tooling ranges from Class 105 prototype moulds to Class 101 for high volume production.

ABOUT QUICKPARTS: One of the World’s Leading Injection Moulding Suppliers

We are the originator of a full digital manufacturing platform that delivers on-demand additive and traditional manufacturing services. From rapid prototyping to appearance models and volume production, Quickparts operates the most advanced technology and possesses the expertise to handle most manufacturing projects.

With facilities stationed around the world, each staffed with experienced engineers laser-focused on meeting your specific requirements as effectively and quickly as possible, you can trust Quickparts as one of the premier suppliers with all of your manufacturing needs.

We have a streamlined approach to mould making, plastic Injection moulding, and engineering processes. We have a separate team of quality control specialists who understand the importance of value, quality, and consistency in moulded products. This is how we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors.