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Injection Mold Tooling & Parts to Help You Beat Any Deadline

Quickparts supports its customers in all aspects of injection molding, from design review to manufacturing including prototyping, low-volume production, and scale up. With the incredibly fast lead times for injection molding projects, we can deliver your tooling in as little as a week, speeding up your time to market. Our domestically sourced tooling and production can also help save your budget from exorbitant shipping costs as well as supply chain uncertainty.


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Versatile and cost-effective, injection molding produces parts that serve an array of purposes.

To get the most out of your injection molding project, you need skilled operators, communicative and knowledgeable project managers, and customer-centric logistics.

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Quickparts’ multiple U.S. manufacturing facilities mean we can begin your tooling the same day we receive files. Faster tooling time helps save you time and money by delivering your project wherever and whenever you need it.

We assist our customers with a design-for-manufacturing review to determine whether files need design adjustments before moving the project to production. This helps you obtain the best possible result with your project and gets your parts and products to market faster.

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Complex, Durable, and Reliable
Injection molding is one of the most versatile traditional manufacturing methods, creating complex, durable, and reliable parts. 
Incredibly Fast
Once a mold is created, injection molding produces parts incredibly fast, making it an ideal method for high-volume production. 
Flexible Process
With a wide variety of plastics to choose from, injection molding is a flexible process capable of producing parts for a variety of industries.

How it Works

Injection molding is the process of forcing heated thermoplastics into a mold cavity to create a desired component. .


Using injection molding, Quickparts offers a large variety of solutions and benefits to meet your needs, from rapidly manufactured prototypes to low-volume production services, even for projects with challenging geometries.

Learn More with our injection molding design guidelines.

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About Quickparts

Quickparts is a pioneer in the 3D printing world.

We are the originator of a full digital manufacturing platform that delivers on-demand additive and traditional manufacturing services. From rapid prototyping to appearance models and volume production, Quickparts operates the most advanced technology and possesses the expertise to handle any additive manufacturing project. 


With facilities stationed around the world, each staffed with experienced engineers laser-focused on meeting your specific requirements as effectively and quickly as possible, you can trust Quickparts with all of your manufacturing needs.

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Injection Mold Tooling Services- Hire Our Manufacturers

Are you looking for an Injection Mold Tooling partner? By using Injection Molding for your tool, you will be able to have a finished product with high quality and one that is highly cost effective.  

How do our injection molders help you?

At Quickparts, we fabricate molds from the best quality materials to fulfill your dimensional requirements. Our unique approach ensures repeatability while operating the process at high speeds. In addition, our molds always adhere to industry standards. As a result, our production cycle time is fast, and we deliver the output within the shortest period.

We always make a streamlined approach to mold making, plastic injection molding, and engineering processes. We have a separate team of quality control specialists who understand the importance of value, quality, and consistency in molded products. This is how we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Our injection molding parts manufacturer helps you with

  • Overmolding
  • Hot runner molds
  • Insert molds 
  • Highly intricate 
  • Multi-cavitation tooling that holds close tolerances

We can also offer stack molds where the molding faces are stacked together. Moreover, we make multi-level injection mold part production using the stack molding process. Our professionals are efficient at making 2 to 3-level stack molds. In addition, our professional team of engineers ensures that your stack molds effectively serve your purpose.

Why choose injection molding for your plastic part production?

Fast production- High-efficiency
Plastic injection molding is an efficient type of molding which ensures high production output. So we can provide an affordable solution for our clients. However, speed varies with the size and intricacies of the mold. We can produce a high number of molds with a few manufacturing cycles. Therefore, improved efficiency is one of the biggest reasons for choosing injection tooling services.
Create intricate part design
We can design injection molding parts of complicated shapes. Still, we maintain uniformity in their designs. Therefore, you will find almost identical parts using the molding process. We understand the importance of a good design of your molded part and work to avoid costly processing mistakes.
Ensure better strength
Strength is a significant factor that makes a difference in the plastic injection molded component. We know how to make the part rigid or flexible by adjusting the gussets. Moreover, our professionals need to know how the target users will use the parts. We always try to make a balance of stability and strength for creating the design.
Get affordable solutions from our company
As an injection mold tooling & parts injection mold tooling manufacturer, we have invested in advanced molding equipment and automatic tools to make the process easier and extremely cost effective. By partnering with Quickparts, you can be confident your injection molding tool part will be of the highest quality, produced quickly and cost effectively.