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CNC Machining

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CNC Machining

With CNC machining, you can create rapid prototypes in final production materials.

But to ensure the best prototypes and a smooth transition to production, you need a team of highly trained engineers and project managers for support

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Quickparts is ready to assist with all your traditional manufacturing needs. Our history of experience, proficient engineers, and quality facilities stationed around the world delivers your parts quickly to your doorstep. 

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True Production-Grade Materials
Like additive manufacturing, our CNC machining service interprets your 3D models and creates parts and prototypes with true production-grade materials. 
Greatest Degree of Dimensional Accuracy
CNC machining is ideal for rapid prototyping high-quality metal and plastic parts requiring the greatest degree of dimensional accuracy, critical surface finishes, and material-specific properties. 
Quick and Effective
With a large selection of materials and parts created from digital files, CNC machining quickly and efficiently completes your project.

How it Works

CNC machining refers to cutting material with a computer numerical control machine. Similar to additive manufacturing techniques, the CNC machining process translates 3D CAD models into CNC machine data. The CNC machine then produces your part in the material you intend to use in production. 


Quickparts has the right CNC machining options for your metal or plastic part needs.

Learn more details and the history of this process in our article “What is CNC Machining?”

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About Quickparts

Quickparts is a pioneer in the 3D printing world.

We are the originator of a full digital manufacturing platform that delivers on-demand additive and traditional manufacturing services. From rapid prototyping to appearance models and volume production, Quickparts operates the most advanced technology and possesses the expertise to handle any additive manufacturing project. 


With facilities stationed around the world, each staffed with experienced engineers laser-focused on meeting your specific requirements as effectively and quickly as possible, you can trust Quickparts with all of your manufacturing needs.

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CNC Machining Services- In house, domestic facilities for your project!

Are you interested in machined plastic parts? Quickparts has expert CNC machining capabilities and can produce your part in house at our domestic facilities.

A brief overview of CNC machining

CNC machining is a process where a pre-programmed application determines the movement of the machinery and factory tools. The process is also used for controlling complicated machinery, from lathes and grinders to mills. Our CNC machining also facilitates rapid prototyping.

At Quickparts, our well-equipped CNC machining facilities enable us to provide you with end-use components. Furthermore, we can select the right material and provide the best technique for design optimization. Our CNC machines cut rigid plastic and metal with high precision. Our CNC-machined components are suitable for different industries.

We have high-end CNC machines to mill out a number of parts from raw materials. Our 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines are outfitted with different toolsets to increase production speed and efficiency. Our machined plastic parts may have some visible tool parts. However, we manage these issues with proper finishes like chromate and anodizing plating.

We manage diverse CNC milling operations

We apply the machining process for various features like threading, slotting, chamfering, and threading. It helps with the production of complicated designs in a CNC milling center. We maintain high accuracy in the overall process. Our team has helped clients with different milling activities like profile milling, form milling, surface milling, and gear milling.

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How do we ensure the best standards?

Our CNC prototype machining service providers always focus on-

  • Quantity and dimension of parts
  • The number of parts evaluated
  • Burrs and sharp edges removed
  • Tolerances and threads
  • Surface finish

Low-cost CNC machining services– How do we save your cost?

We try to reduce the cost of prototype CNC machining in different ways-

  • Avoid surface finishes multiple times
  • Prevent deep pockets
  • Maintain a properly rounded corner
  • Avoid features that have a higher aspect ratio
  • Use the best drill
  • Increase the thin wall’s thickness

Why do our clients prefer 3D CNC machining services?

Our CNC machines have the fastest settings that meet increased demands. So, you will get a high volume of accurate output within the shortest time.

Energy-intensive industries like petrochemicals and automotive prefer CNC machining solutions. Based on their needs, we scale up our machines. It also enables us to reduce energy losses. That is why we can deliver our services at a reasonable price.

CNC machining is effective for different types of materials like

  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Titanium
  • Copper

Moreover, we can manage a range of plastics, such as ABS, nylon, acrylic, and PC. Let us know the type of materials you prefer for the machining project.

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