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Cast Urethane

Ideal for high-quality and cost-effective low volume production runs


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Cast Urethane

Don’t compromise between high-quality parts and affordable production.

Cast urethane bridges the gap, combining the precision of additive manufacturing with the efficiency of traditional methods to deliver premium production-grade parts in a fraction of the time and cost.

Why Quickparts Limitless Manufacturing for Cast Urethane?

  • No-compromise quality: Rigid rubber? Tough plastics? We’ve got you covered. Our parts meet your industry’s highest standards.
  • Fast turnaround, no delays: Ditch slow tooling. Our 3D printing and molds get your parts to you quickly, without sacrificing quality.
  • Precision you can trust: Expect minimal shrinkage and consistent dimensions thanks to our 25 years of experience.
  • More than just tough: Get color-matched, clear, or painted parts. We’ll make your final product look flawless.
  • Perfect for small batches: Cast urethane shines for low volume production runs, bridging the gap between prototypes and mass production.

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cast urethane manufacturing

What are the benefits of urethane casting?

Affordable Low Volume Production Runs
Compared to injection molding, urethane casting doesn't require lengthy tooling processes, allowing you to get your production-grade parts to market faster.
Mimic the Performance of Injection Molding
Urethane casting works with a vast array of materials, from rigid to flexible, clear to opaque, and colored to paintable. This allows you to tailor the properties of your parts without sacrificing its mechanical properties.
Flexible, Quick and Efficient
Urethane casting isn't limited by complex geometries or intricate details, making it ideal for prototypes and custom parts.

How it Works

Cast urethane starts with a silicone rubber mold produced through 3D printing. This mold, referred to as the master model, is then filled with two separate urethane liquids that, when mixed, cause a chemical reaction that turns them from a liquid to a solid. Once the newly formed part is properly cured, it is removed from the mold and completed. 


The 3 steps of the urethane casting process:

Creating the Master Pattern

We use additive manufacturing technology to create the master pattern of the desired part. Our SLA printing methods are ideal because of their capability to produce high-resolution parts with a smooth finish. In addition, our hand-finished master pattern ensures the best surface detail.


In this step, we encase our 3-dimensional printed master pattern in silicone. The silicone encapsulates the features of the desired parts. After curing the mold, it is cut perfectly into separate halves. We then remove the master pattern.


It is the final step of the urethane casting procedure. We will then place the mold in the chamber and remove air bubbles. To design the opaque parts, we pressurize the chamber. On the contrary, the pulls vacuum for making clear parts. It enables us to increase clarity. After separating the silicone halves, we remove the new part.

We repeat the process to achieve the desired quantity based on your requirements.

cast urethane pouring

We provide urethane cast parts with different finishes:

  • Matte finish: For high-touch parts, you can choose this finish.
  • Semi-gloss: It includes a sheen without high reflectivity. The surface will be easy to clean.
  • High-gloss: You will get a reflective finish that is best for cleanable surfaces.
cast urethane part finishing

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