The Importance of Material Selection In Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding Material Selection

Selecting the appropriate material for plastic injection molding part production is a pivotal consideration. The market offers an expansive array of around 85,000 thermoplastics, encompassing approximately 40 distinct polymer blends or families.

At our disposal, we have a comprehensive selection of 40 resins readily available. Moreover, our expertise extends to aiding in the procurement of non-stock materials, custom colors, specialty resins, and accommodating customer-provided materials.

Thorough insights into each material and their respective families can be garnered from suppliers‘ data sheets, design manuals, online resources, and other references. Conducting thorough research in advance is essential. The eventual material choice significantly impacts both the rapid manufacturing process and the performance of the part.

Several key attributes warrant consideration when finalizing material selection:

  • Durability: Evaluate the material’s resistance to pressure, damage, and wear.
  • Flexibility: Assess whether the material can bend without fracturing.
  • Chemical Resistance: Determine if protection against chemical or solvent reactions is necessary.
  • Tensile Strength: Examine the material’s ability to resist breaking under tension.
  • Temperature Resistance: Consider exposure to high or low temperatures and potential interactions with other factors or polymers during manufacturing.
  • Aging: Determine if a specific shelf life requirement exists.
  • Impact Resistance: Evaluate the material’s capacity to withstand sudden, intense force or shock within a short duration.
  • Environmental Factors: Factor in external influences like weather, chemicals, or other conditions that could affect the product.
  • Material Cost: Decide between selecting a premium or equivalent-grade polymer based on cost considerations.
  • Product Availability: Take into account lead times and availability.
  • Overmolding: If utilizing two distinct materials, analyze how they interact during the manufacturing process and consider compatibility.

Thoroughly evaluating these attributes ensures an informed and strategic material selection process, which is pivotal for achieving optimal part performance and successful injection molding outcomes. Contact us to leverage our expertise and resources in material selection for your plastic injection molding needs.

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