Material Monday: PC + ABS (ABS + Polycarbonate Alloy)

Brand names: Cycolac, Lustran, Hival

What is ABS + PC?

ABS + PC is an opaque material that serves as a low-cost alternative to Polycarbonate (PC). This material offers improved strength compared to standard ABS, along with enhanced mechanical and thermal properties. Known for its toughness, rigidity, and excellent dimensional stability, ABS + PC is an incredibly versatile material that can be modified by incorporating glass fiber, mineral fillers, or flame retardants. Moreover, it retains color exceptionally well, making it a perfect choice for branding purposes in your projects.


  1. Good impact resistance with toughness and rigidity: This material can withstand impacts and offers structural integrity.
  2. Excellent metal coating adhesion to ABS: It allows for efficient and reliable metal coatings on ABS + PC parts.
  3. Very good indoor light color stability: The material maintains its color quality, making it suitable for indoor applications.
  4. Excellent processability and appearance: This is a easy to process, resulting in high-quality parts with a pleasing appearance.
  5. Easy processing: It can be easily molded and processed, saving time and effort during production.
  6. Sterilization options: ABS + PC parts can be sterilized using gamma radiation, electron beam (e-beam) sterilization, and ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization methods.

Drawbacks of:

  1. Poor solvent resistance: It may not perform well in contact with certain solvents.
  2. Low dielectric strength: ABS + PC is not a suitable insulator for applications requiring high electrical resistance.
  3. Low continuous service temperature: The material has a relatively low melting point and may not be suitable for high-temperature applications.
  4. Color shift due to UV exposure or certain sterilization methods: ABS + PC parts may experience color changes when exposed to UV light or specific sterilization methods.

Applications of ABS + PC:

  1. Industrial: It is commonly used for automotive exterior and interior components, as well as electrical housings.
  2. Medical: ABS + PC finds applications in medical devices such as housings/covers, monitor bezels, handles, caps, battery enclosures, access panels, and control knobs.
  3. Consumer Products: The material is suitable for computer and monitor housings, as well as business equipment enclosures.

In conclusion, ABS + PC is an easily processable material that combines toughness, rigidity, and cost-effectiveness. It serves as a practical alternative to standard Polycarbonate while offering versatility and customization options for your specific product requirements.

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