Quickparts Provides Fast Custom Parts

Fast and Efficient Custom Injection Molding: Accelerating the Path to Market for Plastic Parts

In response to the market demand for expedited delivery of custom plastic parts, Quickparts has established itself as a valuable resource for product developers seeking rapid production. Let’s take a closer look at how Quickparts assists customers in transitioning from the prototype stage to full-scale production.

What Does Quickparts Offer? At Quickparts, we specialize in providing quick-turn injection molding services, with turnaround times ranging from 1 to 15 days. Additionally, we offer CNC machining services, delivering parts within 1 to 10 days.

What Benefits Do We Provide to Our Customers? Our mission is to streamline the quoting process and ensure customer satisfaction. We offer comprehensive support by educating customers on materials selection, providing options for custom colors, finishes, and engraving. With Quickparts, we impose no limitations on the quantity of parts produced, as long as we build it, we run it, and we stand by our Lifetime Mold Guarantee.

We prioritize your design integrity and adapt our capabilities to meet your specific requirements. Our system is designed to accommodate your part’s unique needs.

Overmolded Parts: An Illustrative Example Take, for instance, this overmolded part. When a customer required the application of rubber onto a hard plastic substrate, we efficiently processed the quote within a day. Subsequently, from the purchase order stage, we swiftly delivered the finished parts to the customer within 15 days. Our expertise extends to both insert molding and overmolding techniques.

Understanding Overmolding Overmolding involves the application of a softer plastic material onto a hard plastic base. In the case of this three-piece assembly, the rubber material and the miniature lenses are overmolded onto the hard plastic substrate, resulting in a cohesive final product.

Exploring Insert Molding Insert molding entails inserting pre-made components into the mold cavity before the plastic is injected, allowing the plastic to encapsulate and bond with the inserts. We excel at insert molding, whether it involves off-the-shelf or custom inserts. Our capabilities extend to molding a wide variety of components.

Tolerance and Certification Capabilities Our standard tolerance level is +/- 0.005″, reflecting our commitment to precision. However, our advanced processes enable us to achieve even higher tolerances of +/- 0.001″. We are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified and are currently undergoing the transition to the 9001:2015 certification. Additionally, we are registered with UL and ITAR.

CNC Machining Capabilities With our CNC machining service, we offer a wide range of possibilities. For example, we specialize in machining external threads, including thread grinding. Our capabilities extend to aluminum parts with tapped holes, enabling us to accommodate threaded features. Moreover, our 5-axis machining capabilities allow us to handle complex features that approach from various angles. We also offer custom finishes, such as chrome plating and laser etching.

Size Constraints and Our Extensive Experience Our CNC machining service can accommodate parts up to 36 inches in size, while our injection molding capabilities extend to shot sizes of up to 32 ounces, typically producing parts measuring 24″ x 24″ x 5″ in depth.

Quickparts boasts 20 years of experience in the industry, with a dedicated focus on our streamlined quick-turn development process for the past decade.

When you require fast delivery of custom parts without compromising on quality, Quickparts & Engineering is your reliable partner. Contact us today to accelerate your project’s timeline.


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