EX Plastic

DuraForm® EX Plastic


DuraForm® EX Plastic is available in both Natural and Black colors.

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  • ABS-like
  • Fairly rigid (snap fits)
  • High impact
  • High strength
  • Durable
  • Off-white
  • Black

• Outstanding toughness
• Excellent impact resistance
• Repeatable mechanical properties
• Easy-to-process
• Consistent black or natural color


• Complex, thin-walled duct work
• Motorsports
• Aerospace
• Unmanned air vehicles (UAV’s)
• Housings and enclosures
• Impellers
• Connectors
• Consumer sporting goods
• Vehicle dashboards and grilles
• Bumpers
• Snap-fit designs
• Living hinges


• Parts have the toughness of injection molded ABS and polypropylene
• Functional prototypes can be tested in “real life” environments
• Complex end-use parts can be economically manufactured in low and medium volumes
• No painting required for black parts
• Unique properties create new business opportunities for service bureaus



It is recommended that DuraForm® EX plastic be processed in a HiQ™-equipped system, which includes thermal controls. Software version 3.42 or higher (Sinter- station® HiQ™) or software version 3.545 or higher (Sinterstation® Pro) is required. SinterScan™ Software is highly recommended, and is required to maximize mechanical properties.