Flame Retardant Nylon

DuraForm® FR1200


A flame-retardant nylon 12 material with high accuracy and excellent surface finish. Ideally suited for direct 3D production in aerospace, transportation and consumer goods applications where reliable fire retardancy and reduced smoke and toxicity are required.

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• FAR 25.853 compliant
• Passes AITM smoke density and toxicity requirements
• High accuracy and repeatability needed for manufacturing
• Non-halogenated formulation
• Excellent surface quality


• Direct 3D production of aircraft interior parts
• Parts requiring flame retardancy
• Automotive and transportation related parts where fire safety may be needed
• Consumer electronics and other goods


• Reduce fuel costs with weight optimized design enabled by additive manufacturing
• Accelerate changes in cabin designs for in service aircraft
• Eliminate tooling and minimize spare part stocking costs
• Excellent flame retardancy at 12 and 60 second exposures